Child Protection and Safeguarding

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Course Description

This  online course is aimed at anyone who wants to work with or around children such as: carers, nursery assistants, school workers, play group workers etc.


The course is currently being developed and will be available soon – please contact us for more details.




This course will cover the following:

Why safeguarding is important, your legal and moral responsibilities, how safeguarding is relevant to your role, child protection statistics
Types of Abuse
How abuse is defined, from neglect to sexual abuse
Signs of Abuse
How to recognise the red flags that says something may be wrong
Identifying Risks
Factors that increase the risk of harm to children
Sexual Consent
Ages and stages of consent for sexual activity
Responding to Disclosure
Why children do and don’t disclose, stages of disclosure, what to say if they do, what not to say, who to tell
Recording Information
What information to record and when, data protection and privacy
Reporting Concerns
When incidents should be reported, dealing with professionals, and talking to parents
The Scottish System of Protection
Early interventions, statutory assessments, complex needs, Section 47, case conferences, protection plans, LAC reviews