Instructor-led Courses

Learn face-to-face with an EC-PC Tutor, in-person or online!


Introductory IT Courses to improve your digital skills

Basic Computer Skills
Microsoft Word & Excel Beginners
Microsoft Word & Excel Beginners Plus
Windows, Files and Folders Basic User


Get more efficient using Microsoft Office

Microsoft Excel Basic User
Microsoft PowerPoint Basic User
Microsoft Word Basic User


Intermediate Microsoft Office Courses

Microsoft Excel Intermediate User
Microsoft Excel – Working with PivotTables
Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate User
 Microsoft Word Intermediate User


Advanced Microsoft Office Courses

Microsoft Excel Proficient User
Microsoft Word Proficient User



Self-Paced Courses 

Learn online at your own pace with user-friendly support from an EC-PC Tutor!


EC-PC Digital Skills for Work

This course will give you an introduction to using the following ‘Office for the Web’ apps – Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and OneDrive!


EC-PC Office IT Basic User

Learn the core skills required to use Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook. The course also covers general skills using Windows and working with files and folders.


EC-PC Office IT Intermediate User

This online self-paced course will build on your basic Microsoft Office skills. The course will give you the knowledge and understanding to use Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook effectively in the workplace.