Intermediate Spreadsheets

Group Course tutor-led course

This intermediate tutor-supported course will develop your skills using Microsoft Excel to produce, modify and enhance your spreadsheets.

The course is delivered on a distance learning basis – we’ll send you an EC-PC Training Manual to work through at your own pace. Each topic is explained using easy-to-follow instructions and there are lots of practice exercises to complete. You’ll be able to get help from an EC-PC Tutor who can answer you’re queries via e-mail. If you have a query that can’t be answered via e-mail then we can provide telephone/online support to keep you right.

The course can be delivered using Microsoft Excel 2010, 2013 or 2016.

The time taken to complete the course will depend on your existing Excel skills and your ability – the estimated duration is between 15 and 40 hours.

£200 *

* The cost includes postage of your EC-PC training manual within the UK. Postage outwith the UK is subject to an additional cost.

This course will cover the following:

– Use good design techniques
– Use formatting effectively
– View and print data
– Use formula
– Use the SUM Function
– Use the AVERAGE Function
– Use the MAX Function
– Use the MIN Function
– Use the TODAY Function
– Use the IF Function
– Work with sheets
– Analyse data
– Work with charts

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Are there any entry requirements?
Learners should have a good basic knowledge of using Microsoft Excel. You will require a PC with internet access, installed with Microsoft Excel.

Is there a time limit to complete the course?
You will be given up to 12 months support to complete the course.

Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?
Yes, you’ll receive the following e-certificate: EC-PC Intermediate Spreadsheets.

What payment methods do you accept?
We can accept payment by card, cheque or by bank transfer – please contact us for more details.

How do I make a company booking?
Please view our terms and conditions and then contact us to make your booking.

Funding Options

If you live in Scotland you could be eligible to get up £200 towards the cost of a training course with an SDS Individual Training Account (ITA) from Skills Development Scotland.

You can apply for ITA funding if you are aged 16 or over and:

– you are unemployed, or
– you are employed and have an income of £22,000 or less per annum, or
– you are self-employed and have an income of £22,000 or less per annum, or
– you are retired and your total pension income is £22,000 or less per annum, or
– you are not working and have no income

You will not be able to apply for ITA funding if you are in school, or are enrolled in a College or University course, or if you are involved in any other SDS funded programme including Modern Apprenticeships.

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