EC-OFFICE-IT Level 3 Certificate (Core)

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EC-OFFICE-IT is a new range of online courses aimed at giving learners the skills required to use a PC in the workplace.

The courses will be beneficial for:

  • jobseekers who need to show employers evidence of IT competency
  • employees who wish to improve their IT skills as part of staff training and development
  • self-employed people who wish to improve their IT skills for the benefit of their business


The EC-OFFICE-IT Level 3 Certificate (Part 1) is a package of introductory courses covering Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word. The package consists of the following 3 online courses:

EC-OFFICE-IT Microsoft Excel Level-3
EC-OFFICE-IT Microsoft Outlook Level-3
EC-OFFICE-IT Microsoft Word Level-3


Learners who complete all 3 courses will be awarded the:
EC-OFFICE-IT Level 3 Certificate (Part 1)




EC-OFFICE-IT is currently being developed and will be available soon – please contact us for more details.

This course will cover the following:

Microsoft Excel

– Use Time Saving Tools and Shortcuts
– Sort and Filter Data
– Use Data Validation to Create a Drop-Down List
– Insert Formula Using Cell References
– Insert Formula Using Date Cells
– Use the SUM Function
– Use the SUMIF Function
– Use the VLOOKUP Function
– Use the IF Function
– Use Conditional Formatting
– Use PivotTables

Microsoft Outlook

– Work with E-mail
– Use Flags
– Use Signatures
– Use Quick Parts
– Use Templates
– Use Automatic Replies
– Use Rules
– Manage Your E-mail
– Use Content from Other Programs
– Use the Calendar
– Use Contacts
– Use Tasks
– Use Categories

Microsoft Word

– Work with Paragraphs
– Work with Tabs
– Work with Documents
– Use Page Layout Tools
– Use Basic Styles
– Use Mail Merge Tools
– Create Flow Charts
– Insert Hyperlinks and Objects
– Use Content from Other Programs

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