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CSCS Labourer’s Green Card Course

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CSCS Aberdeen – Looking for labouring work in Aberdeen?
You’ll need the CSCS Green Card for Labourers.

Our CSCS Aberdeen learning and testing package will give you the knowledge to work safely in a construction environment and obtain the CSCS Green Card for Labourers.

So, what does CSCS stand for?

CSCS stands for Construction Skills Certification Scheme. The scheme is recognised nationally throughout the UK construction industry. By obtaining a CSCS Green Card it will prove that you have the required knowledge and qualification to carry out labouring work in a construction environment. If you would like more details about CSCS please visit

CSCS Aberdeen Labourer’s Green Card Course – how does the course work?

To get the CSCS Green Card for Labourers you need to have a recognised Health and Safety qualification and pass the CITB Health, safety and environment test. First of all you will attend a 1-day tutor-led training and assessment session. If you pass the course assessment you will be awarded the following SQA qualification: Health and Safety in a Construction Environment. You will then prepare to sit the CSCS Card Test (also known as the CSCS Operatives Test).

Where does the CSCS Aberdeen course take place?

The tutor-led course takes place at Third Level Foundation, 35a Union Street, Aberdeen, AB11 5BN Google Map

Also, where does the CSCS Aberdeen test take place?

As part of our support package we will arrange for you to sit the CSCS Card Test at a convenient day and time. The CSCS Card Test takes place at Pearson Professional Centres, Migvie House, 23 North Silver Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1RJN. If you pass the CSCS Card Test we will then order your CSCS Green Card for Labourer’s.

So, how much does the learning and testing package cost?


The cost includes:

  • attendance of the tutor-led course in Aberdeen
  • SQA assessment fee
  • CSCS Card Test fee (including a free resit if required)
  • CSCS Green Card for Labourers

Is there any funding available to pay for the course?

Yes, funding is available for individuals living in Scotland, subject to T&C’s.
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This course will cover the following:

  • Identify the importance of safe manual handling in the workplace.
  • Identify the importance of working safely at heights in the workplace.
  • Identify risks to health within a construction environment.
  • Identify the importance of working safely around plant and equipment.
  • Identify the principles of risk assessment for maintaining and improving health and safety at work.


Are there any entry requirements?
You will need to have a National Insurance Number and be able to provide appropriate ID to complete the SQA assessment and the CSCS exam.

How often do courses take place?
We schedule at least one course every month. Please contact us for the next available course date.

What happens once I pass the CSCS Operatives Test?
If you pass the Operatives Test we will then order and pay for your CSCS Green Card for Labourers. If you fail the exam we will offer additional support to help you reach the required level to pass. As part of our package we offer 1 free resit.

How long will it take to receive the CSCS Green Card once it has been ordered?
Once we have ordered your card it can take approximately 10 to 20 days for your card to be issued.

Is it possible to sit the SQA assessment without having to attend the tutor-led course?
If you have existing knowledge and experience of health and safety in the construction industry then you may be able to enrol on our Fast Track course.

My Green Card expired a year ago, do I still have to do a full exam?
Yes, you will need to pass the SQA assessment, as well as the Operatives Test. However, you may be able to enrol on our Fast Track course.

English is not my first language, is there help available?
You will need to understand basic English to complete the course. During the SQA assessment we can provide limited assistance – we can read the assessment questions in English and then record your answers. During the CSCS exam voiceovers are available in the  following languages: English; French; Lithuanian; Polish; Portuguese; Russian; Spanish; Welsh.

I have a problem with dyslexia, is there help available?
During the SQA assessment we can provide limited assistance – we can read the assessment questions in English and then record your answers. Additional help is also available during the CSCS exam if medical evidence is provided.

What payment methods do you accept?
We can accept payment by card, cheque or by bank transfer – please contact us for more details.

How do I make a company booking?
Please view our terms & conditions and then contact us to make your booking.

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