Basic Data Entry Workshop

Group Course tutor-led course

During this workshop you’ll learn the basic keyboard and mouse skills required in the workplace. You’ll also learn how to use Microsoft Excel to enter and update data.

£200 per person – at our Aberdeen training centre.

The workshop consists of the following 4 training sessions:

  • Monday 26th February (10.30am-1pm)
  • Tuesday 27th February (10.30am-1pm)
  • Wednesday 28th February (10.30am-1pm)
  • Thursday 1st March (10.30am-1pm)

Before enrolling on the workshop learners must be able to commit to attending all 4 training sessions. If these dates and/or times are not convenient then please contact us for the next available workshop.

This course will cover the following:


Basic Keyboard and Mouse Skills

– Use the Backspace key
– Use the Shift key
– Use the Caps lock key
– Use the Tab key
– Use the Enter key
– Use a Drop-down box
– Use a Check box
– Use a Date box


Basic Microsoft Excel Skills

– Open a file
– Use the scrollbars to navigate
– Change data
– Delete data
– Insert new data
– Change the width of a column
– Apply basic formatting
– Save changes to a file
– Print a file
– Close a file
– Save changes using a new file name


Are there any entry requirements?
Before enrolling on the course you must be able to commit to attending all 4 training sessions. You should also have some basic IT skills, eg be able to use the Internet.

How big is the class size?
Our courses are delivered to small groups at our Aberdeen training centre – there are up to 3 learners in a group. We can provide onsite training to larger groups for company bookings.

If I cannot attend a training session can the course be extended?
No, the course is limited to 4 training sessions.

Will I get course notes?
Yes, you’ll receive easy-to-follow course notes for future reference.

Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?
Yes, you’ll receive the following e-certificate: EC-PC Basic Data Entry Workshop.

Is there any additional support available after I complete the course?
Yes, we’ll give you a practice tutorial that you can complete using your own computer. By completing the practice tutorial you’ll be able to revise the course topics when required and keep your skills current.

I don’t have a PC at home, will I be able to complete the practice tutorial at my local library?
Yes, you should be able to do this depending on the facilities available.

What payment methods do you accept?
We can accept payment by card, cheque or by bank transfer – please contact us for more details.

Do you offer any group discounts for company bookings?
Yes, please contact us for more details.

How do I make a company booking?
Please view our terms and conditions and then contact us to make your booking.

Funding Options

If you live in Scotland you could be eligible to get up £200 towards the cost of a training course with an SDS Individual Training Account (ITA) from Skills Development Scotland.

You can apply for ITA funding if you are aged 16 or over and:

– you are unemployed, or
– you are employed and have an income of £22,000 or less per annum, or
– you are self-employed and have an income of £22,000 or less per annum, or
– you are retired and your total pension income is £22,000 or less per annum, or
– you are not working and have no income

You will not be able to apply for ITA funding if you are in school, or are enrolled in a College or University course, or if you are involved in any other SDS funded programme including Modern Apprenticeships.

Need more info?
Please contact us for more details.

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