EC-PC Office IT Basic User

Learn the basic IT skills required to complete core admin tasks in the workplace!

The EC-PC Office IT Basic User course is aimed at learners who need the basic IT skills that are used in most workplaces. The course will give learners solid foundations to use Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook effectively. The course also covers general skills using Windows and working with files and folders.


The course consists of the following 4 online modules:



How will I learn?

You’ll learn by watching short video lessons. You’ll be able to download practice files and exercises. You’ll receive e-mail support from a EC-PC Tutor to answer any questions. You’ll also have access to attend live group tutorial sessions to cover problem areas.


What are the course requirements?

You’ll need to have access to a Windows 10 PC, with an internet connection, installed with an up-to-date version of Microsoft Excel and Word. The free online version of Microsoft Outlook is used during the course – you will need a Microsoft account to be able to login to


What assessments do I need to pass?

You’ll be given an online assessment for each module. Learners who pass all 4 modules will obtain the EC-PC Office IT Basic User Certificate.


What is the pass mark?

You’ll need to obtain a mark of 70% or above to pass each module.


What happens if I fail an assessment?

Your EC-PC Tutor will outline the topics that you’ll need to revise. When you are ready you will be re-assessed.


How long will it take to complete the course?

The course will take approximately 4 months to complete. As from Monday 17th August we’ll be posting 3 lessons every day Monday to Friday as displayed below.


Microsoft Excel
17th August – 24th September
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Microsoft Word
28th September – 30th October
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Microsoft Outlook
2nd November – 19th November
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Windows, Files and Folders
23rd November – 16th December
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