Microsoft Word Intermediate Lessons



Customize Views and Settings

Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
Customize views by using zoom settings
Use the View Side by Side tool
Use the New Window tool
Use the Split tool
Change Word options

Work with Paragraphs

Change the first line indent
Change the hanging indent
Change the right indent
Change paragraph spacing
Use the Show/Hide tool to fix paragraph problems
Use the Format Painter tool to copy paragraph formatting
Convert text to multiple columns
Use paste options – merge formatting
Use paste options – keep text only

Create and Modify a List

Change list levels
Change bullet characters or number formats for a list level
Define a custom bullet character
Restart or continue list numbering
Set starting number value
Use the Format Painter tool to copy list formatting

Work with Tables

Convert text to tables
Convert tables to text
Use the Distribute Columns tool
Use the Distribute Rows tool
Specify a fixed row height
Configure cell margins and spacing
Configure a repeating row header
Sort table data
Split a table

Use Page Layout Tools

Insert a cover page
Insert a blank page
Insert a page break
Use the Show/Hide tool to delete page breaks
Insert a column break
Insert a text header
Insert a text footer
Insert a picture within a header or footer
Insert page numbers
Insert a watermark
Change page colour
Apply a page border

Work with Sections

Change page setup options for a section
Insert a next page section break
Unlink a header or footer within a section
Use the Show/Hide tool to delete section breaks

Use Basic Styles

Apply a heading style
Modify a style
Remove a style from the style gallery
Create and Manage Simple References
Insert a table of contents
Update a table of contents
Insert and delete footnotes
Insert and delete endnotes

Work with Pictures

Change brightness/contrast
Change colour
Apply artistic effects
Apply picture effects
Remove a background

Insert Graphic Elements

Insert shapes into a drawing canvas
Lock drawing mode
Use the Format Painter tool to copy shape formatting
Bring forward / send backward
Group / ungroup shapes
Use connectors

Use Mail Merge Tools

Merge data from an Excel file
Open a document that is linked to an Excel file

Insert Hyperlinks and Objects

Insert a hyperlink to a file
Insert a hyperlink to a folder
Insert a hyperlink to a bookmark
Use the Object tool to insert a new Excel worksheet
Use the Object tool to insert an existing Excel file
Use the Object tool to link to a PDF file
Use the Object tool to display an icon

Use Content from Other Programs

Paste link data from Microsoft Excel
Paste link a chart from Microsoft Excel
Copy text from a web page
Copy a picture from a web page
Use the print screen key
Insert a screen clipping