Microsoft Outlook Intermediate Lessons


Send Email Effectively

Send a new email
Customize Views and Settings
Switch on / off the reading pane
Switch on / off the conversation view
Block / unblock an email address

Use Flags

Apply a flag to an email
Mark a flag as complete / clear a flag
Link flagged emails to tasks

Use Signatures

Create a signature
Edit a signature
Insert a signature

Use Zipped Attachments

Open and save a zipped file
Extract all files from a zipped folder
Attach a zipped folder

Use Contact Lists

Create and use a contact list
Add / remove contacts

Use Automatic Replies

Create an automatic reply
Change / switch off an automatic reply

Manage Your Email

Create a sub-folder
Move an email into a folder
Move several emails at the same time
Move all emails in a folder
Add a folder to Favourites
Move a folder
Rename a folder
Delete a folder

Use Rules

Create a rule to move an email to a folder
Edit a rule
Deactivate / delete a rule

Use Content from Other Programs

Copy data from Microsoft Excel
Copy text from Microsoft Word
Copy text from a web page
Use the Snipping tool to capture a web page
Copy and paste a web address to insert a hyperlink

Use the Calendar

Create a recurring appointment
Modify / delete a recurring appointment
Invite someone to attend a meeting
Accept / decline meeting invitations

Use Tasks

Create repeating tasks
Create new lists
Move / copy tasks

Use Categories

Assign a category to an email
Create / delete a category
Assign a category to a task