Microsoft Outlook Basic Lessons


Send Email Effectively

Send a new email
Apply basic formatting
Fix spelling mistakes
Use the cc box
Use the bcc box
Use the high importance tool
Save an e-mail as a draft

Reply to email

Use the reply tool
Use the reply all tool
Mark an email as junk

Work with attachments

Open and save an attached file
Attach a file to an email

Forward email

Use the forward tool
Delete non-required attachments

Use tools to manage email

Sort e-mails by sender name / date
Use the search tool to find an email
Delete an email
Restore a deleted email
Delete several e-mails at the same time
Create / delete a folder
Move an email to a folder

Create and use contacts

Create a new contact
Edit a contact
Use the address book to insert an e-mail address
Delete a contact

Use the calendar to manage appointments

Change the view of the calendar
Create an appointment
Use the search tool to find an appointment
Edit an appointment
Delete an appointment

Create and use tasks

Create a new task
Edit a task
Mark a task as complete
Delete a task