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Pay Monthly

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$20 $13 

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Certificate of Achievement

You'll have the option to complete an assessment for each course - pass the assessment and obtain an e-Certificate. The fee for this optional extra is $30 per course.


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Pay as you go each month - cancel any time!


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You'll have the option to complete an assessment for each course - pass the assessment and obtain a digital EC-PC Certificate. The fee for this optional extra is €28 per course.





EC-PC Club 365






    Q  Will I need any software?

    A  You’ll need Microsoft 365 installed on a Windows PC.


    Q  Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

    A  Yes, just notify us before your renewal date and you can cancel no problem.


    Q  If I cancel my subscription, can I rejoin at a later date?

    A  Yes, you can rejoin when you are ready. Membership costs are subject to change so the cost to rejoin may increase.


    Q  Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

    A  Yes, if you are not completely satisfied we will provide a refund if you get in touch within 48 hours of making your initial payment.


    Q  Will the monthly or annual subscription increase?

    A  Prices are subject to change. However, provided that you keep your membership active the amount you pay will remain the same.


    Q  What is the pass mark for each course assessment?

    A  The pass mark is 70%.


    Q What happens if I fail an assessment?

    A We’ll tell you the topics that you need to revise. When you’re ready you can resit the assessment. There is no additional charge to resit an assessment at present.


    Q  Are there any free course assessments?

    A  Yes, there is a free assessment for the Microsoft Outlook Basic User Course and the Windows Files and Folders Basic User Course.


    Some learner comments


    “I thought the videos were really clear and explained in a way to make sense, and I appreciated the tasks to complete along the way to practice instead of just listening to information. The tutor was great when I had questions. Very pleased with the course.”


    “The course was very easy to follow everything was explained very clearly, the videos were especially helpful.”


    “The tutor was very clear in explaining everything and was very encouraging. I really benefited from the exercises. I now feel confident with the basics which was why I applied for this course. I would definitely recommend it.”


    “I found it useful to contact my course tutor at any time. I felt he was available when I needed support or to answer questions. I thought the video then practise worked well and catered for learners who do not learn just by watching. The course was very well structured and easy to follow.”


    “I enjoyed the course and I learned a lot from it.”


    “Well structured course and easy to follow, with a friendly and approachable tutor that was available whenever help is needed.”


    “Felt the online videos were excellent and clearly showed the viewer in simple terms how to carry out each task.  All communication was excellent and very prompt reply from tutor.  Would recommend the course to all. Looking forward to doing the intermediate modules as soon as I can.”


    “What I liked about the course was being able to watch the video of each exercise before starting the exercise and I was also able to go back to the video as many times to make sure that I had understood the video. What I also found helpful was if at any time I encountered a problem I only had to email the course tutor with the problem and he would email back a solution.”


    “The course was excellent, I have learned a lot.”


    “The course was very good, the videos were clear, understandable and easy to follow. I would recommend anyone to do this course even as a refresher.”


    “The videos were excellent and very easy to follow. I have learned a lot. Very good course and worthwhile.”


    “Currently refreshing my knowledge of Office based programmes. Finding the course easy to follow, and well delivered, great communication all around.”




    EC-PC Club 365