EC-PC.COM Intermediate Demo Lessons


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Windows, Files and Folders 
  • Snap a window on the desktop
  • Create a shortcut to a file
  • Create a shortcut to a program
  • Create a shortcut to a webpage
  • Rename / delete a shortcut
Microsoft Word 
  • Change the right indent
  • Use the Format Painter tool to copy paragraph formatting
  • Insert a page break
  • Apply a page border
  • Modify a style
  • Apply picture effects
Microsoft Excel 
  • Use the Freeze Panes tool
  • Display repeating column titles on multipage worksheets
  • Use the double-click fill trick
  • Sort data by a column / by multiple columns
  • Create a basic chart
  • Use the SUM function to add a range of cells in a different sheet
  • Use the TRIM function




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