Covid-19 Procedures

The following procedures are in place to protect clients, staff and members of the public visiting our premises at 39 Dee Street, Aberdeen.

Entry to the building

Clients will only be permitted entry by appointment only.

Clients will only be able to enter the office suite at the time of their appointment.

Clients will not be able to wait in the reception area.

If 2 or more people require entry to the premises, they will be asked to enter 1 at a time.

Clients entering/leaving the premises will be required to use sanitiser or wash their hands. Clients will be required to wear masks in the shared corridor within the office suite.


Where possible clients attending courses will be required to keep a 2 metre distance from other clients and staff.


A 30 minute period will be set aside between appointments to carry out cleaning of all hard services including the following:

• keyboard, mouse and monitor
• desks and seating
• toilet and sink
• door handles and light switches


Where possible the training room will be ventilated during and/or between appointments.


Client appointment dates and times will be recorded, as well as client contact details.

Face Coverings

Face coverings are not required in the training room provided that distancing can be adhered to. Clients and staff have the option to wear coverings if preferred when seated.

Course Numbers

At present course numbers are restricted to 1 delegate in the training room along with the course tutor, maintaining a 2 metre distance.

Cancellation of courses

Training appointments will be cancelled at short notice if any infections have been traced to our premises. Courses will also be cancelled if any of our staff experience any Covid-19 symptoms.

Cancellation by clients

Clients will be able to cancel booked appointments at short notice if they experience any Covid-19 symptoms.