EC-PC Club 365

An online learning club to improve, refresh and retain your IT skills for work!

Welcome to EC-PC Club 365.


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Need to improve your Microsoft Office skills?  Our online learning club will give you core skills to use the main Microsoft Office apps used in the workplace.


You’ll be able to work through the following Word and Excel courses taking you from basic to intermediate user.


Microsoft Word Basic User

Microsoft Excel Basic User


Microsoft Word Intermediate User

Microsoft Excel Intermediate User



Monthly content to help you retain and build your skills.


Each month we’ll give you a practice task to complete combining several topics. You’ll be able to work through the task and watch a walkthrough solution!


Each month we’ll feature a time-saving keyboard and/or mouse shortcut for you to put into practice!


Each month we’ll show you a common mistake then show you how to fix it!



Membership will be opening soon,

please get in touch for more details.