EC-PC Certification

Prove competency, improve your job prospects and develop your career!

Our certification is used to verify that learners have completed
course objectives and reached our standards of competency.



How are EC-PC courses assessed?
On completion of a course learners will be given an assessment to determine
their knowledge and understanding of course topics.


What will be required to pass an assessment?
A pass mark of 70% will be required to pass the assessment.


What happens if a learner fails an assessment?
The learner will be given the opportunity to revise and discuss any
problem areas with the course tutor. The learner will then be re-assessed.


Can EC-PC certification be used for CPD?
Our courses are delivered in line with CPD accreditation guidelines.
However, as CPD requirements vary in different sectors we advise learners
to check course eligibility with their professional bodies.