No One Left Behind and Parental Employability Support Fund monies from Scottish Government


EC-PC offer 2 employability programmes, funded by the Scottish Government, to provide Basic IT Courses and In Work Support. The funding is managed by ABZ Works – Aberdeen City Council’s employability team.


To be eligible to apply for the funding you’ll need to meet the following requirements:


  • you live in Aberdeen

  • you are legally able to reside and work in the UK

  • you are not receiving support from Fair Start Scotland

  • you are not in education or training (apart from ESOL, ie if you are attending an ESOL course you will be eligible)

  • you are not in employment (although you may be eligible if you have recently started a job and are in work poverty).


There are other factors that are taken into account regarding eligibility. For example if you are unemployed and face barriers to employment then you may be eligible, or if you are a lone parent in a low paid job then you may be eligible.





Basic Computer Skills Рlearn the basic skills required to get started using a computer!


Microsoft Excel Courses

Introduction to Microsoft Excel Рlearn the basic skills required to get started using Microsoft Excel!


Microsoft Word Courses

Introduction to Microsoft Word – learn the basic skills required to get started using Microsoft Word!






1-to-1 In Work Support

If you have started a job within the last 3 months, or will be starting  a job soon, then we can provide 1-to-1 training to improve your Microsoft 365 skills and support you in your new role.