1-to-1 Training Sessions

Ad-hoc training to boost your IT skills!


Our 1-to-1 ad-hoc training sessions can be tailored to cover a variety of topics for home learners and business users, from basic Internet skills to using Microsoft 365 apps.


Learn remotely online or in-person

Training can be delivered remotely using Microsoft Teams. If you live in Aberdeen, training can take place at your premises or at our Aberdeen Training Centre.


Flexible training sessions

Sessions can be booked to fit in with your schedule, either within or out with normal working hours.


Learn hour by hour

Courses lasting a full day can be too long for some learners and result in information overload. Our 1-to-1 training sessions are arranged by the hour – an effective duration to focus on the topics you need to learn.


Work with your files

You’ll have the option to work with your files during training sessions – this means that the training will be relevant to what you need to know to improve productivity in your job.


Prepare for a job interview

As part of a job interview you may be asked to complete a Microsoft 365 skills assessment. Our 1-to-1 training sessions can help you prepare for this and bring you up to speed with the main Microsoft apps used in the workplace.


In-job support

When you start a new job there will be many new procedures and systems to learn in a short space of time. If you have been ‘thrown in at the deep end’ our 1-to-1 training sessions will quickly give you the skills required to be proficient in your new role.



Some learner comments 


“Very helpful to me and explained really well.”

Mark Mathieson


“Really enjoyed the training. The tutor was very patient and took time to explain things clearly.”

Beverley Mcgill


“The course was very good, I have learned so much. I didn’t know a lot about computers, but this course it has been amazing and opened up a new world of computing to me.”

Adele Baranowski


“I felt at ease and was able to to take in the information I needed. I always felt comfortable to ask questions and got the answer I needed to complete the task.”

Kevin Clark